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How It Works

It’s easy and free to join The Do You Group, and many events are free. YOU MUST BE
BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18 AND 26 YEARS OLD TO JOIN. (Note: If you are interested in
our program, but do not fall within this age range, please contact us. We will be offering
programs to high school students and adults over the age of 26 in the future.)
Below is a summary of how it works.

Step 1: Join

It’s free and easy to join. Select “Join Now” from our website, and then fill out and submit the short online form. A Do You Group administrator will be notified that you have joined the group and will reach out to you for a good time to verify your age and to welcome you to the group. A SHORT VIDEO MEETING IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE. In addition to verifying your age, the online meeting will give us an opportunity to meet you and give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have and learn about our events.

Step 2: Sign Up

After your video meeting, you will be allowed to participate in events. Check out the types of events we offer, review our online calendar and signup! Note that some events are free, while other events require payment. For paid events, payment is due before the event. Use one of the Payment links on our website to make a payment. REFUNDS ARE NOT OFFERED FOR MISSED EVENTS.

Step 3: Show Up

Online events are mostly held via the Facebook Room app. A Facebook account is not required to access a Room meeting, however, you will need the link to the Room, which will either be displayed in the calendar or will be emailed to you, depending on whether the online event is a free or paid online event. In-Person events are mostly held in the Washington DC metro area. The majority of the in-person events are held in Montgomery County or Prince George’s County, MD, however, there are also events held in Washington, DC, proper.

Take a peek at our Event Calendar.

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